This Much Is True - Katherine Owen

I received this book through netgalley. I do not know where to start. I loved this book from the beginning. Katherine Owens draws you in instantly and I am now a fan of hers thanks to this book. The characters are so raw and real I felt for them. This much is true. I couldn't put it down. I finished it about 24 hours before this review and it still haunts me. I think it will for a long time. The first thing I did after I finished this book was look to see if there was a sequel. I just can't say anything bad about it, I really can't. It's a story that stays with you and so does the characters. I found myself wanting to yell at them at times because they were making the wrong choices in my mind. Not a lot of books get to me like this much is true did. It's a must read if you want a book about how it really is. If you want a happy unrealistic fairy tale positive story your at the wrong book. If you want yo read a book of raw emotion, tough choices and bittersweetness your in the right place. Definitely in the right place.