Medusa - Tony Talbot

I received this ebook through booklikes giveaways.


Lissa Two is a thief of the ocean cities, struggling to make enough money to clear her debts and take care of her traumatised sister, scratching a meagre living as best she can. So she has enough worries without her life getting more complicated...but when a boy named Hattan literally falls from the sky, she can't just let him drown. It's a decision she comes to regret, a decision that will change not only her life, but the lives of everyone she loves. If they survive...





I really enjoyed Medusa, I just wish I had had more time to read it in a few days instead of two weeks. Medusa is a futuristic adventure and an idea of whats to come. This book is a must read if enjoy Science Fiction and has lots of action and twists and turns. It is not a romantic story, Its more of a survival type story. If this sounds like your type of read I recommend  reading it and even if it isn't read it anyways because its a good book.