Running Free - Jorrie Spencer

I received this book through goodreads first reads.


Running Free is about a horse shifter named Zach who has become the guardian of a young wolf shifter named Storm and Sally a wolf shifter from a place called wolf town who is sent to befriend Zach and Storm. As Sally starts get close to Zach the walls she put up to keep everyone else out start to come down. 


Zach never believed he could trust wolves and now is a guardian of one. Can he trust sally and the other wolves of wolf town.


*This book contains some violence and sex scenes

*Review sort of contains a spoiler below


Honestly I thought this book had a good theme and the characters had personality but it was confusing at times. I felt like I was missing pages at times, because it just didn't flow alot of the time. One day there meeting and three days later there sleeping together but its only two chapters apart. Or an other example everythings good and BAM! Theres a fight scene and as soon as that finshes theres more talk about sex. I feel like there could have been more of a bridge from part to part. I understand its a book but they way it jumps from one thing to the other just doesnt work for me. I would have enjoyed it more with a better flow so I didn't always feel like I skipped something.


The characters were good and they had depth. I wish they had made it easier to tell whos point of view you were reading partially through the chapter. It was different having Zach since he was a horse shifter, which you don't see in Shifter fiction a lot.


If you like writing that rushes from one thing to the other this is a good story and i'd reccomend it. Personally i think if it had more to help it flow i would have given it a 5. The author does have good plots and a great imagination. I give running free a 3.8 and i may check out other books by this author in the future.