How I Lost You - Janet Gurtler

I loved this book! I read it last summer before i started reviewing books or i would have reviewed it by now. 


I found how I lost you realistic and i could not put it down. The dynamic between Kya and Grace was so intense at times that i felt like i was there watching it happen. The fights and the ups and downs made it easy to get into to and stay into. At times i felt bad for Kya because of her past, but most of the time i felt bad for Grace because she is such a caring person and always is there for Kya no matter what. I love how this book can be relatable    to all different people for all different reasons. I think there needs to be more books with real life issues in them for young adults. Yes i enjoy futuristic and paranormal but a big chunk of the time i want to read something i can feel is real and the character can relate to you and if you feel the same way this book is for you. 

Its intense, excitng and pulls you right there.


BEWARNED, you will want to do nothing but read this book and want more Janet Gurtler.