Matched review

Matched  - Ally Condie

I liked the story line of matched but i found some parts were little bit draggy. The characters  were well explained and had some depth. I just was expecting a little more action. I probably will keep with the series to see how it ends though. I just felt the drama could be more drama-ish and same with the action. If you have a hard time staying with books that have slower parts i don't recommend this book, but if you don't mind them it is a good story. However i personally found it a little predictable but I'm not sure i could write a book with out being predictable either with the amount iv read.

I gave this book for stars because i did enjoy the story line but i would have enjoyed a faster pace with it. Over all if you like futurist books about a controlled society and people trying to break away from it you probably like matched and its worth a shot.