Save the Date - Morgan Matson

I received an advanced reading copy through netgalley.
Save the date is another amazing release from Morgan Matson. I seriously could not stop laughing through out the whole book.
The main character Charlie is your typical puppy love struck teenager who is also the youngest sibling of six. She is the last one living at home as she finishes up high school and her parents get ready to sell their house. The same home Charlie has ever known and the inspiration for mother comic strip. Save the date follows her as she prepares for a reunion of her family for her sisters wedding and to see her estranged brothers best friend who she has had feelings for since she was younger. However, as the weekend of the wedding unfolds, havoc follows and feuds continue creating the perfect coming of age comedy.
Save the date is the perfect read for when you need a funny novel about family and all of their disfunctions. It reminds me of a teen movie but in book form. Fans of sixteen candles would surely enjoy this novel. I can’t think of any faults other than it being a little predictable at times. I love the messages wound throughout the story and the end. It is one of my top young adult picks of 2018 and a must read.