My Sunshine Away A Novel - M.O. Walsh

I received a free advanced copy through goodreads first. 

  Warning***** This book contains some pretty intense subjects such as rape. Some people might find it offensive. I recommend mature readers only.


  When I started this book I was not sure what to think. I figured it was about a murder and a murder mystery. I was wrong. This story is about how a rape of teenage girl shocks a neighbourhood. The story is told from a teenagers perspective about life in Baton Rouge in a community where nothing bad ever happened, until now. You will be told about a young man's life through his own words over the course of a few years. You will see how the crime effected a seemingly perfect community and you won't want to stop until it's done. 

There is no cliffhanger ending, everything is told by the end. Prepare yourself to see life through someone else's eyes through some of America's most shocking moments, through a heartbreak of a community and most of all a teenage boys life.