Saving Grace - Jane Green

I received an advanced copy through netgalley. When I first started this book I was excited to see what it was like because it looked good. Then I started to think maybe it wasn't for me as I got about 5%-10% in because it didn't seem to be what I expected. Once I hit about 25% I was hooked. I read most of the book in one day because I couldn't tear myself away. This book is written different in the way the characters talk it didn't seem totally first person which I thought gave it a different twist. I have never read a Jane Green book before so this could be common for her. Saving grace was an interesting look at mental illness and labels that come along with that. It was really good story and I think any reader over 18 would enjoy it. 

Long story short is don't let the beginning pace turn you off, it picks up and gets really good.