The Truth About Air & Water - Katherine Owen

I received a copy of the truth about air and water through netgalley. I rewrote my review many times because I felt I wasn't being honest enough. Let me start by saying I loved the first book and I was a little disappointed with this story. I enjoyed the book. I really did, I read it in two days and I didn't want to put it down. Katherine Owen is a very talented author and I enjoy her writing. I just felt like this book didn't meet my expectations of the first book. This much is true was so raw and spanned over years and still managed to be amazing. This book just felt more empty to me and didn't have as much emotion in the same way. When I finished this book I felt a little disappointed it wasn't more like the first. It is a good story on its own I just feel it didn't catch me like the first and it's hard to recreate that much emotion and feeling in a sequel about the same two people. Sequels usually are not as great but this story is still amazing.