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I have never been a big reviewer, mostly because i have horrible grammar and because i don't rely on reviews to read a book. The reason i decided to start is because i see a lot of reviews that bash books just because someone didn't like it and compare books to each other. In my opinion i think a book review should be ABOUT that book not one like it. And i also hate bashing books, if you didn't like it just say so you don't need to be totally rude and reck it for others who may like it. What I'm goIng to try and do with my reviews is give a honest reviews with out comparing and tearing it apart. I will be honest and say if i disliked something but not in way that ill totally wreck it. So this is where ill begin.

K.A. Tucker gives new meaning to the word yeti.

The Simple Wild - K.A. Tucker

After Calla receives a call about her father, whom she hasn’t seen since she was two, she makes her way to the Alaskan wilderness to get to know him. What she doesn’t expect to find is an angry yeti bush pilot to butt heads with. Will the simple wild be to much for the city girl to handle?

The Simple Wild has got to be up there in my list of favorite romance novels and one of my favorite K.A. Tucker books. She managed to take two totally different characters and perfectly form it into a realistic romance. I love how the simple wild sticks out from the same repetitive themes. I rarely see romance novels about bush pilots and its great to see a different theme that stuck out. This novel really has everything. Humor, heartache and romance all put together in a hard to put down and irresistible story. It makes you question what is out there and what you could be missing.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

word yeti.

All Your Perfects - Colleen Hoover

I received an arc of all your perfects through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

All your perfects is perfect. I have no words to describe how I feel after reading this novel. I’m not even sure how you describe the journey this novel takes you on. All your perfects digs very deep into problems a lot of women face and even deeper into the reality of what it can do to relationships.

I’m pretty sure this is the most intense book Colleen has written so far. It is so full of tension and pulls your emotions all over the place. The realness of the situations and life of the characters is just right. All your perfects is a must read for everyone. Even if you aren’t in the same position as Graham and Quinn, it brings to the surface what others may be going through and you can see it first hand through the characters eyes. It sucks you in so deeply that you feel all the emotions first hand as if you’re the character herself. I cannot get over this novel and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a book hang over from all your perfects for awhile. I highly recommend it.

Save the Date - Morgan Matson

I received an advanced reading copy through netgalley.
Save the date is another amazing release from Morgan Matson. I seriously could not stop laughing through out the whole book.
The main character Charlie is your typical puppy love struck teenager who is also the youngest sibling of six. She is the last one living at home as she finishes up high school and her parents get ready to sell their house. The same home Charlie has ever known and the inspiration for mother comic strip. Save the date follows her as she prepares for a reunion of her family for her sisters wedding and to see her estranged brothers best friend who she has had feelings for since she was younger. However, as the weekend of the wedding unfolds, havoc follows and feuds continue creating the perfect coming of age comedy.
Save the date is the perfect read for when you need a funny novel about family and all of their disfunctions. It reminds me of a teen movie but in book form. Fans of sixteen candles would surely enjoy this novel. I can’t think of any faults other than it being a little predictable at times. I love the messages wound throughout the story and the end. It is one of my top young adult picks of 2018 and a must read.

Furyborn ARC Review

Furyborn - Claire Legrand

 I received an advanced copy through my fairyloot box.
I loved Furyborn from start to finish. The two-lead female Characters are strong and resilient. This tied with just a little bit of forbidden romance and danger, I feel the author made a new unforgettable fantasy series just in time to fill the space of other series that are coming to an end. The Empirium series is beginning to look like my new addiction in the fantasy genre.
This novel is the type that keeps you hanging on every word and leaves you wanting more even after the last page. With this book being the first novel of the Empirium series the ending is left open and a lot of questions are left unanswered. Some people dislike this and prefer to wait for the rest of the series, which is fine, however I enjoy the excitement furyborn leaves you with and the hope of getting more answers when the next one releases. I cannot wait for more of these characters.

Fall Line (Downhill Series Book 1) - Tudor Robins, Hilary Smith

Fall line follows Chris as he works on his ski career and tries to figure out his life on the side.

I usually read Tudor Robins horse themed books, which fall line is not. However I still enjoyed it just as much. There is something about Tudors writing I can't put down. I know nothing about the ski world, I snowboarder when I was younger, but I loves the story. It's a great young adult story that can be enjoyed even when your no longer a teen.

Alabama Skye - J.C. Wing

 J. C. Wing is such a talented writer. She takes so many different subjects and melds them together into a a beautifully written story that will touch your heart and keep you on your toes at the same time. It's a contemporary woman's novel that can be enjoyed by an adult at any age. Alabama skye also shows the way family comes together in the time of need and is realistic in parts of the story. I loved this book and I know many others will too.


The Vampires of Manhattan - Melissa  de la Cruz

I received a copy through netgalley. 

Vampires of Manhattan was an interesting view on vampires. I didn't realize that it followed after another series before I started it, I thought it was a spin off from the description I read. However I still enjoyed the story and made me want the read the first blue bloods series. I do think it would have been better the order they were written. While the story fills you in with the major things I felt that I was missing things that I should know. If I was to recommend this book I would say to read the blue blood series first since this one is based ten years later and it kind of gives away parts that would have been a suprise. I love the characters and the plot. I think it's a great start to a new series.

The Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon - Ms Linda Ballou

 I received an advanced copy through netgalley.

The cowgirl jumped over the moon is a story of a young woman learning to rediscover her life after everything she knew about it and her future changes. Gemcie is married and on her way to the world cup when she ends up in an accident in an event. After getting an injury that pulls her out of the rest of the season she finds out there is more going on that she's missed until now. With everything she knows changing she starts on a journey that she will not soon forget.

This story follows her adventure and is set up so there could be a series but does not have a cliff hanger ending. It's a great story for older horse fans due to sexual scenes. The writing uses a lot of horse terminology and not everyone may know the meanings without a way to look it up. However that won't stop readers from enjoying the ups and down and story Gemcie takes you on. I personally loved it. Hope for more in this style of story.

Beautiful Collision (Desperation #1) - Toni Vallan

I recieved a copy through netgalley. 


Beautiful collision follows Gray a girl on the run as she tries to start over and staying under the radar. that also means not letting anyone new in. Then she meets the mysterious Thane.


When I started beautiful collision I thought I must have missed a first book in the series due to the way it goes right into the story. This was not the case, the author just happens to get right into things and throws you into the story. The author keeps you hanging on all the way until the ending you won't see coming. Even with dark topics through out, I really liked this book. Definitely not what I saw coming from the description.

The Hand That Feeds You - Marvin A. Rich

I recieved an advanced copy through goodreads firsts. The hands that feeds you is a gripping tale that takes no time getting right into the plot. From the start it will draw you in and not let go. You get to travel through Morgan's life as she tries to over come tragedy with flash backs to her past. The farther into the story you go, the more suprises pop out and the mystery deepens. All the way to and even after story ends it leaves you thinking. A great book for suspense fans that don't want a horror just suspense. 

A.J. Rich is two authors that have come together to write under the name A.J. Rich. This book is an example of how great they write together. I hope others enjoy it as much as I have.


Wednesday Riders (Island Trilogy Book 2) - Tudor Robins, Hilary Smith

I received a copy through Netgalley.
Wednesday riders by tudor robins is the second book in the island trilogy. this story takes place in the summer after appaloosa summer. Meg is excited for the summer to begin so she can go back to the island and finally be back close to Jared. But the summer quickly changes when Jared tells Meg some news that will break her heart. This summer will follow Meg as she tries to make the best out of it and throws her some unexpected curves.
Tudor robins brings back favourite characters from the first book and introduces some new one to the mix. This book has a bit of a different dynamic from the first one and keeps it interesting by giving you a very expected beginning. I don't think it could have been written any different. I loved every minute.


The Harvest (The Last Orphans Book 2) - N.W. Harris

I was so excited when I was asked if I would read and review this book by the author since I loved the first one so much. I couldn't believe the turn this story takes verses the the last orphans. This series works in a way I wish more would. The last orphans introduced a world where are the parents were killed and a government machine was involved.  Then you get into the harvest and find out there is a whole new story and adventure on its own. You get to be introduced into new characters and see how Shane's and Kelly's relationship changes and grows. The harvest is almost like a new separate book on its own with some links and characters that are what connect the two. The author doesn't remind everything all over again in the first quarter of the book. Instead he just gets into it and produces a new action story with an ending that will make you crave the next and question what you have learned about the harvest.

Beautiful Redemption: A Novel (Maddox Brothers Book 2) - Jamie McGuire

Another great Maddox brother book. Beautiful redemption is different from any other of the other Maddox brothers stories but just as good. You get to meet the brother who raised the younger brothers and see how different they are. Beautiful redemption has a different dynamic and feel than the other books. If you love these books you won't want to miss this one.

Forever Too Far - Abbi Glines

This is a great way to finish the too far collection. Abbi nicely brings in the tone for the next books and introduces characters you will meet in later books of the series. It gives it a great smooth transition while making you want to pick up the next collection near the end of this book. 

Summer Secrets - Jane Green

I received a copy through netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 


   Summer Secrets is better then it sounds. When you pick up this book your not just reading a book you are following the struggles of a woman as she tries to figure out her life in 1998 and fix her mistakes in 2014. 

 In 1998 Cat is young free and likes to have a good time with the constant assistance of alcohol. Then one day she finds out a secret that her mother has kept all these years. With this information in hand she starts a journey to use this secret to find who she really is. 

 In 2014 Cat is trying finish fixing her mistakes from that summer in 1998 now that she's sober and has her life back in order.


  I loved this story. It is not easy to put down and you devour every page. You get the follow Cats life back and forth between 1998 and 2014. Jane Green is always putting twists in her and there all the way to the end. You feel like your right there the way it is written. Summer Secrets is going to be just as big as hit as her other stories. You don't want to miss this one.

Fallen Too Far - Abbi Glines

This is a great new adult romance. It is definitely not sunshine and rainbows. This is a realistic romance in the way that not everything is perfect in the characters lives and makes you feel for them. This is not a stand alone. There are 3 books that's are Blair and Rush's stories plus a book from rush's point of view. Abbi Glines books are addictive and hard to put down. Be prepared to have to tear yourself away.